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I first met Angelo Hernandez, AKA fvde, at his first ever show in April. Since then I've been mesmerized by his dreamy production and immaculate soundscapes. I met up with Angelo just before his 16 birthday to talk about his upcoming LP, his influences, and his rough neighbourhood. Listen to his latest track "Trust Me" and read the exclusive interview bellow.



Daniel: Tell us a little about yourself

fvde: I started making music around late grade 8 - early grade 9. I was just teaching myself the entire way through. The only help I really got was from watching youtube videos but it escalated really quickly around November grade 9, Lund, manager of collective “Zen Money Love” hit me up to join his collective. I basically went in there and was surrounded by insanely creative people who knew what they were doing. I just grew up around these people and when the collective eventually started falling apart I became really upset. I really believed that this collective had a future, but hey I can’t be mad about it.


Are you still in touch with anyone from the collective?

A few of them yea, LSL, Network, Yugi Boi,  and SmokeySpoke. SmokeySpoke is doing insanely well, he’s actually got a write-up on the nest-hq, but yea most of the guys from that collective have just gone up. There was this guy named Oshi, I remember seeing him at the time with just 1k followers and his music was insanely good, he had sauce. He was constantly grinding and putting out work, sending tracks to Night Lovell and he just started going up like crazy, eventually ending up in soulection. He went from 1k to 50k in just about 5 months


It must be crazy watching your friends glow that hard

Yeah, but I haven’t talked to them much because I been busy working on myself

What inspired you to start making music?

I guess it was Skrillex honestly. He has been my inspiration since I first heard his music. Just watching him being so passionate about his music is really motivational. Oshi had a collab with him recently.


So what artists have you been listening to lately?

Mostly like awful records stuff. A lot of Brevner, who’s actually a local artist. Shout out Evan Punter-Reinhardt for putting me on to him. Also I’ve been loving ACSI, I’ve been listening to his work for a year now.


What other local artists have you been fucking with?

Oh for sure BBNo$, his shit just bangs. Also Eshe Nkiru, Hermit, Jade Statues, Relaxation Sounds. It’s crazy, I never thought that I would be surrounded by all this talent in my home town. I always thought that the Vancouver underground scene was so dead but after I met Evan Punter-Reinhardt he started putting me on to all this local stuff. I never thought that Vancouver would be so full of amazing artists. Especially the bands haha I love


How has your style changed since you started making music?

I started off with all this vaporwave stuff and thought that shit was just amazing. I started at a really low BPM, mostly sticking around 110, and then I started picking up, listening to artists like Sam Gellaitry, Mr. Carmack, Flying Lotus. Their sound really inspired me so I started picking up the pace of my tracks.


So what does your creative process look like?

I don’t really have a plan in my head usually but I always start off with the synths. I lay down a melody and if I really like it I’ll build on it. For me it’s really hard to lay down a melody with the drums or bass already there so I like making the melody first.


So do your parents support you and your music? I remember seeing that at your first show.

Oh yea, my parents mad support my music, like right after the show they were really proud of me. It was kind of shitty that my set was cut short but I was having the time of my life that night.


What does your music mean to you and what kind of message are you trying to send to your audience?

I guess I’m just trying to put myself into my tracks, you know? I have a few tracks made for some special people (laughs). I’ve just been putting myself out there through my music.


A lot of your track names seem to be influenced by a crush or a girl, is that a big source of inspiration for you?

I guess so, I never really thought about that.


Before you started making music, what were you listening to?

I was really big into dubstep, I was bumping Datsik, Excision, Getter. In grade 8 that was all that I would listen to. When I started getting into vaporwave, I began to think dubstep was garbage and thought vaporwave was the shit.


How did you get your name?

Originally it was “FVDE AWAY” then I told my cousin about my music and how I was going to get into to DJing and he said ‘just go with Fvde’, so I went with it. I’ve been considering name changes though. There is that local music event called Fvded in the Park and people are always asking me if I got my name from that.

What did you do before you started making music?

I used to draw a lot. Mostly like anime characters. I was a huge weeb around 8th grade, and then I just changed. I used to watch a lot of Bleach, Naruto, and The Devil is a Part Timer.


What are some of your favourite movies?

Pulp Fiction, Menace II Society, just some 90s shit. I recently watched the first two movies in the godfather trilogy and they really changed me in terms of my ideas about respect. Some of my friends go way too far and I used to be really passive, but I’ve been demanding respect a whole lot more.


How has growing up in an area with prominent gang activity changed you?

At first it didn’t really bother be me but around grade 9 all my friends started getting caught up in it and they started selling weed, and some other shit. One of my friends who’s two years younger, he’s in grade 8 right now, he’s been through some crazy shit. There was some dude he was hanging with who just went nuts and started waving his gun around and shooting, one of the bullets actually hit my friend. It cut a hole through his jacket. This other time, this was last week actually, two dudes just jumped him. One of them was carrying a knife but he knocked one of them down and started kicking him in the face. He ended up getting blood all over his air force 1’s but he got away with only two scratches. This kid actually has a couple of guns.


That’s insane, and he’s only in grade 8?

Yea, he’s actually a good kid but he’s gotten way too caught up in this shit. I really want to move out of surrey but I have so many friends there and I just want to make sure they stay alive.


So tell us a little about your forthcoming LP, Transparency.

It’s gonna be 20 tracks (or more), I have no clue when it’s coming. The vibe is going to be a debut sort of thing. Half the tracks are going to go in and just bang while the other half will be slower and more melodic. I’m going to have a transition between some tracks so when you play the whole project through it just flows.

You can catch fvde at his upcoming shows Lowkey 2 on July 30th and Rifflandia Music Festival on September 15th-18th.

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